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Medical malpractice is also known as medical negligence and is a mistake or series of mistakes that have been committed by a professional healthcare provider. Medical malpractice can occur as a result of work done by a hospital worker, technician, nurse, doctor, or pharmacist. A medical malpractice suit often occurs as a result of the patient being harmed while under the care of a particular provider. If a healthcare provider acted unnecessarily or inappropriately or with an unreasonable action that resulted in injury or trauma to you or a family member, call the Phoenix medical malpractice lawyers at Dault Law.

The Phoenix medical malpractice lawyers at Dault Law handle each case with extreme detail and professionalism. We are able to provide all of the support necessary to ensure the best chance of a successful outcome. With our knowledge and highly qualified experts on the case, you can experience a far better success rate that helps ensure full and fair compensation for the violation of a safety rule by medical treaters.

We have provided successful services for a large number of medical malpractice cases. Contact us if you have experienced difficulties as a result of a misdiagnosis, gallbladder removal, lung cancer procedures, nursing errors, errors in eye surgery, complications from medical facilities, infections, birth injuries, allergic reactions, surgical errors, stroke, traumatic brain injuries and more. We will investigate your case and determine if it's possible to build a medical malpractice case to ease the burdens you have experienced in the hands of medical professionals that have violated safety rules that protect all of us.

Your consultation is free, and remember we do not collect any fees unless you are compensated for the harms and losses you have suffered.