The Chandler Personal Injury Lawyers of Dault Law Offer Quality Representation and Exceptional Results  

Dault Law is a well-known personal injury law firm in Chandler, AZ and we offer professional and experienced representation for all types of personal injury cases. Personal injuries are always traumatizing and they normally present very trying moments for the victims and their families. As Chandler personal injury lawyers, it is our goal to enforce the safety rules of the Chandler community by holding those who injure others accountable. We believe a trial by jury is one of the most important Amendments in our country’s Constitutional Bill of Rights. The jury is the conscience of the community and is in the vitally important position to ensure that safety rules are enforced for everyone’s protection.  

Having been active in the personal injury legal industry, we understand the intricacies of advocating all types of personal injury cases and protecting the rights of our clients. This ensures that negligent parties and the insurance companies are made to pay for the harms and losses they have caused. 

Our Principle 

We are dedicated to certain core principles which have elevated us amongst the crowd and made us the preferred Chandler personal injury lawyers for many victims. Here are the principles that guide our professional engagements with clients:

Understanding – We strive to meet our clients at their points of need and accord them the legal services they are so in need of. We know that suffering an injury is difficult, and we understand the worries that they are normally faced with, especially when seeking a solution to a problem that often times could have been prevented. We will offer you a listening ear, and explore all the available options to ensure that none of your rights are violated and that you get the right compensation. 

Professionalism – with the experience possessed by our Chandler personal injury attorneys, our commitment remains in the provision of professional legal services in every aspect. We have handled hundreds of personal injury cases and we are confident that we have what it takes to offer you quality representation to secure you a commensurate settlement. 

Accessibility – we are always available to answer your questions and demystify complex legal jargon so that you understand everything in plain English. 

Additionally, we treat each personal injury case as unique and we don’t offer a one-fit-all solution for the case you bring to us. Therefore, expect personalized attention whenever you are dealing with us. 

Types of Personal Injury cases handled

Every Dault Law Chandler personal injury attorney on our team is competent enough to handle a variety of personal injury cases. Our expertise traverse through the following-:

      Car accidents

      Truck accidents

      Motorcycle accidents

      Dog bites

      Wrongful death

      Spinal cord injuries

      Traumatic brain damages

      Slips and Falls

      Pedestrian accidents

No Fee Consultation

No need to worry about any fees, since we operate on a contingency basis, and we get paid only when we secure you a favorable settlement. Not a dime unless we obtain compensation for you, that's our promise.