The Dangers of Oven Misuse

A home kitchen quickly becomes a gathering place when friends and family are in town. Everyone tends to lend a hand when preparing a special occasion meal. A crowded and busy kitchen can be home to a number of dangers. More than 40 percent of all home fires start in the kitchen. The oven is the leading cause of home fires and injuries. Children can touch an electric burner or a friend could slip on some spilled water from the sink. Prevention is the best method of avoiding accidental injuries or home destruction. 

How to prevent a home fire:

·      Closely monitor all food

·      Always make sure that the burners and ovens are turned off when not in use. Even a quick trip to the sink will give enough time for something to catch a flame

·      Avoid spilling oil onto gas burners when frying foods

·      Keep oven mitts, towels, cookbooks, recipes, paper plates, pot holders etc., away from the oven or stove

·      Make sure that food is not placed in the oven without a pot or pan. Grease or fragments of food can fall off, causing a fire

·      Unplug all toaster ovens, microwaves, toasters, and other portable appliances when not in use

How to prevent an injury:

·      Properly store kitchen items when not in use. This means unplugging and wrapping cables to avoid a trip and fall injury

·      Always use proper safety methods when removing a hot dish from the oven, stove or microwave.

·      Keep knives and scissors out of reach from children

·      Clean up any spills immediately to avoid slip and fall injuries

Following simple precautions can greatly reduce the risk of an injury or fire in the kitchen.  Safety should be maintained at all times when cooking, regardless of how many people are present. Everyone deserves a delicious family meal without a burnt hand or a call to the local fire department.