Driverless Motorcycles

The concept for driverless law enforcement began with the idea of drones from designer Charles Bombardier. Now, the engineer has imagined a round-the-clock driverless police motorcycle to enforce traffic laws. Controlled by an app, the motorcycle would have the ability to scan a license plate while simultaneously recording a video. Bombardier’s original drone design, the Interceptor, would receive this information and issue a text message or e-mail citation to the driver.

This idea stems from the buzzing craze surrounding driverless cars. Numerous corporations such as Tesla, Google and now Uber are testing prototypes on a select few. The issue of mass production resides within high production and consumer purchasing costs. In addition to being driverless, these inventions are either electric or consume zero-emission fuels such as hydrogen. Bombardier promises safer roads with 24/7 patrolling. “There will also be less road accidents, as driverless automated vehicles can be equipped with technology that detects technical failures such as oil leaks," Bombardier claims.

Although robot police motorcycles may not sit well with many drivers who regularly break the speed limit, as a Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer, this will undoubtedly lead to less accident injuries and deaths. 

 Perhaps drivers should be expecting to see a Tron-like bike tailing their car and issuing speeding tickets within the next decade or so on valley freeways here in the Phoenix metro area. 

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