Arizona Home Flooding

Evacuations have been lifted for residents living near the Oroville Dam. Dam failure was expected, causing residents to evacuate their homes. Water was periodically released upon news of an impending storm during the days of evacuation. Now, the storms will not cause the dam to overflow or break through reinforcements. Guards continuing to secure the spillway and concrete retaining wall to ensure safety. 

Home flooding often happens without warning. Storms can be expected, but the extent of damages cannot. The home’s electricity (including fuse boxes) should be turned off before evacuation. When returning, take photos of all damages that occurred during your absence. Fixing damages before gathering photographic evidence can result in decreased insurance coverage. It is also important to call your insurance company immediately after a flood. After taking these measures, a homeowner can then work on draining the area, inspecting for mold, and reinforcing the property. 

Arizona and Phoenix area homeowners are not exempt from natural flood damages just because they call the desert home. Flash flood zones are dotted throughout the landscape, often located in neighborhoods or cities. Flash floods are extremely dangerous and can happen without warning. It may be dry in the Valley, but a northern storm can bring water to residential areas at dangerous speeds. Check to see where these disaster areas are in order to take prevention measures or securing the proper home insurance. 

Co-written by Elise Childers and Brian Dault for DaultLaw