Arizona Boating Accidents

Bartlett Lake, Lake Pleasant, Lake Mead. These are just a few of the popular lakes that float just outside of Phoenix. With weather predictions this reaching the low 80s, it’s hard not to imagine a day on the lake. The water may still be chilly, but sunny, 80º days won’t stop boaters from jumping in. Boat rentals are popular as influxes of visitors are in town for the Barrett-Jackson, TPC, Arabian Horse Show, and Spring Training. Wanting to take full advantage of the warm winter weather, visitors will be taking every opportunity to get outside. If you do decide to enjoy one of Phoenix’s many lakes, be sure to take the proper safety precautions while on the water.

·      Always wear a life jacket.

·      Don’t ride on the bow. The bow is not meant for sitting, as it is easy to fall overboard.

·      Attach the ignition safety switch to your person.

·      When in smaller boats, stay seated while the boat is in motion. This will keep the boat’s    center of gravity stable.

·      Obey the speed laws of the lake.

·      Reduce the speed of the boat when turning.

·      Secure the anchor line to the bow, not to the stern, when anchoring.

·      Do not overload your boat with passengers or gear.

·      Do not jump off of the boat while it is moving.

Take every safety precaution necessary while on the lake. Accidents are common while boating, so there is no shame in being overly safe. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from the dock personnel before departing. Now, go out and enjoy Arizona’s beautiful winter weather!

Co-written by Brian Dault and Elise Childers for DaultLaw