Ditch Bad Behaviors on the Road

Car accidents are a serious problem all over the country, and Phoenix definitely has its fair share.

While not all of these accidents were severe, car accidents are a major issue. They are one of the leading causes of death in the United States and account for over 33,000 deaths each year! And, while you can’t entirely eliminate your risk unless you stay off the road completely- something that is virtually impossible to do- there are many things you can do to lower the chances that you will be involved in a car accident.

Avoid “Bad Behaviors”

One of the most common causes of car accidents is engaging in “bad behaviors” on the road. Basically, anything that distracts you from driving safely and properly and/or that hinders your ability to drive responsibly is considered a “bad behavior.” A few examples of things you should never do on the road include:

·         Driving after drinking, especially if you’re drunk/over the legal limit

·         Attempting to multi-task while driving

·         Texting or talking on the phone while driving

·         Speeding

·         Not driving appropriately for the weather conditions

·         Running through red lights and/or stop signs

·         Not changing lanes safely

·         Getting angry/”road rage”

If you are guilty of any of these behaviors, take steps now to stop them so that you can lower your risk of being harmed or of harming others on the road!

Adopt Good Behaviors

While not engaging in bad behaviors on the road is a great first step, why not take things even further and purposefully engage in good behaviors? This should help to keep you and those around you even safer as you drive. Some good things to get into the habit of include:

·         Devoting 100% of your attention to the road

·         Never texting or talking on the phone when driving

·         Planning ahead to avoid rushing, which can lead to unsafe actions on the road

·         Signaling for all lane changes and turns

·         Never following vehicles too closely

·         Having a properly maintained car and tires

·         Slowing down in unsafe driving conditions

·         Using headlights when visibility is low

·         Obeying the speed limit

Following these tips can make a huge positive difference for you as you travel, so be sure to keep them in mind. Your life could depend on it!