Truck Accident Cases

You may not know this, but car and large truck accidents are very different things, both in terms of the damage that they can cause and in terms of the laws surrounding them.  As such, it’s important to understand the facts about truck accidents from a legal standpoint and to know your rights in the event that you are involved in an accident.

First of all, understand that professional truck drivers are bound by many federal regulations that other drives are not. These people have been tasked with driving a large, very dangerous vehicle, and they are expected to handle this job responsibly.  They, for example, cannot drive for too many hours consecutively, they must take regular breaks, they have to maintain a certain weight limit when carrying cargo, and they must properly document any accidents. When they fail to do these things, they can be held liable, especially if failure on their part results in injury to an innocent party.

If you are ever involved in an accident with a truck, the first thing that you should do, once you are sure everyone is safe, is to call the police and paramedics. The police can take down a report about what happened, which could later help you in court, and the paramedics can assess everyone involved and provide medical care and documentation of any medical issues if needed.

In addition to securing a police report, make sure you get all relevant information from the driver, such as his name, the company name, the license plate number, and the insurance provider. Once you have this information, your next step is reporting the incident to your insurance company. From there, you should seek legal counsel. An attorney can take a look at your case, determine if the truck driver did something wrong or negligent, and potentially help you to recoup costs related to any injures, pain and suffering, or other issues suffered as a result of the accident.

Even if you don’t think you need a lawyer, it is still worthwhile to seek out the help of one just in case. Remember, better safe than sorry!