Bad Birthing Experience?

When you think of the birth of your child, you probably think of a magical day-one of the most special and important of your entire life. Unfortunately, though, not all births turn out this way. In some cases, the medical professional assisting in the birth can be negligent, which can lead to consequences for the mother and/or the unborn child.

Sadly, as many as 28,000 birth related injuries as the result of medical negligence are reported each year. Sometimes, the consequences of these injuries can mean life long impairment for the mother and/or child. When this type of negligence occurs and causes problems, no matter how mild or severe, it is important to seek justice.

Types of Birth Injuries

First of all, it is important to be aware of what kinds of injuries can and commonly do occur as the result of medical negligence during the birthing process. Some common ones include:

lCranial damage caused by trauma to the cranial cavity and/or spinal cord.

lImproper sterilization techniques or handling, which lead to infection.

lHarm, often to the legs or arms, that can cause serious, sometimes lifelong conditions

lInjuries during delivery due to improper techniques or unnecessary force.

If your child has one of these common birth injuries or has another injury that you believe may be due to negligence on the part of your healthcare provider, it is very important that you report your concerns, both to the medical facility and to a legal professional. The sooner you report a potential problem and seek help, the sooner it can be looked into and the more likely it is that you will be able to get the compensation you deserve, which can include the funds necessary to cover long-term care of the child. Do not delay in seeking help; whether or not you get the justice you deserve could depend on it!