Can You Sue for Botched Plastic Surgery?

Many people spend years dreaming of plastic surgery and the wonderful ways in which it will impact their life. They dream of having bigger breasts or flatter tummies…often never really thinking about all that could go wrong when one “goes under the knife.” There are also people who undergo plastic surgery for more severe reasons, such as having had a disfiguring accident, and, even then, things can still turn bad.

Bad plastic surgery, often referred to as a “botched job,” can leave the patient with low self-esteem, mental anguish, depression, medical problems, and a host of other issues. Fortunately, though, these people can get help. By turning to a lawyer who can advocate on their behalf and help them to seek justice, many plastic surgery patients who have undergone less-than-ideal surgeries are able to move on with their lives and feel better about themselves.

With that said, however, it is important to understand that plastic surgery cases can sometimes be difficult (but not impossible) to win. Typically, they have to qualify as medical malpractice cases, and, usually, there has to be some other issue at play other than just unsatisfactory results.

Common reasons that lawyers will accept plastic surgery related cases, however, include things like:

·         Materials being left behind inside the patient

·         Damage to a patient’s overall system/health

·         Excessive scarring

·         Anesthesia inconsistencies or problems

·         Excessive pain

·         Improper consent on the part of the patient

·         Misinformation on the part of the surgeon

·         Surgeons failing to obtain medical history

·         Medication and/or dosage errors


Not meeting any of the above criteria does not necessarily mean that your case will not qualify, so if you do feel that you or someone you love were wronged due to poor plastic surgery practices, it can still be helpful to speak with a qualified attorney who is familiar with these types of cases. An attorney can let you know whether you have a valid case or not and, if so, how to proceed to start getting your life back together.