The Many Types of Elder Abuse

When you entrust your elderly loved one to a caregiver, whether that be another family member or a professional caregiver, the last thing that you expect is that he or she will be abused. Unfortunately, however, elder abuse does happen, and, when it does, it is important to seek justice for your loved one.

Elder abuse is most simply defined as intentional abuse or neglect to an elderly person that causes harm or injury to the sufferer. People who commit elder abuse can be punished, both legally and civilly.

Bear in mind that elder abuse can occur anywhere. It can happen in your home, in a nursing home, or in any facility where you have placed your loved one to be cared for. Furthermore, a variety of different types of abuse can occur. Some potential types of abuse include:

·         Physical abuse, such as hitting, kicking, biting, or having items thrown at the individual, is serious cause for concern. Basically, if an intentional act causes physical harm, it can be construed as physical abuse.

·         Emotional abuse can also occur. This might include yelling, belittling, threatening, ignoring, or otherwise terrorizing an elderly person.

·         Sexual abuse is also surprisingly common among elderly people and can be defined as any unwanted sexual contact forced upon an elderly person, such as forced sexual actions, being forced to view pornography, or being forced to watch sex acts in person.

·         Financial exploitation is common as well and can be defined as any unauthorized usage of the person’s money or other material goods.

·         Neglect is one final type of elder abuse that can occur, and it is a lack of care or attention to the elderly person that results in some type of harm to him or her.

If you suspect that your loved one has been subjected to one or more types of abuse, the key is to first remove him or her from the harmful situation and then file a report with the proper authorities. From there, it is wise to seek legal representation to determine what can be done to seek justice for the harm inflicted upon the one you love.