Info on Slip and Fall Law

It’s kind of funny to think that there is actually a “slip and fall law,” but, believe it or not, these kinds of incidents are so common that there actually are laws governing them. These laws apply when a person falls on the property of someone else and, due to negligence or other faults on the part of the owner of said property, suffers injury. In these instances, state laws would apply. The only exception would be if the fall occurred on federal property, in which case federal laws would apply.

While there can be all kinds of actionable causes or faults for a slip and fall case, some of the most common include:

lSpilled liquids, foods, or other materials

lInterfering objects

lCracked or damaged walkways

lImproperly cleared ice, rain, and/or snow

lBroken, uneven, or otherwise damaged flooring


lUneven steps

lDim lighting

lMissing handrails

These are just a few potential causes involved in slip and fall cases, so if your particular incident doesn’t fall within the above list, don’t worry. This does not necessarily mean that you do not have an actionable case. You can check with a lawyer to determine if your incident warrants a lawsuit, but, generally, if the slip and fall incident can be traced back to any kind of negligence on the part of the owner, you will have an actionable case on your hands.

By speaking with a lawyer about your case, you can research and determine who the responsible party is in your case, and, from there, decide who to hold liable and to what degree and in what regard. Therefore, the first step is always to find a good attorney who is skilled in this particular area. After that, you can start seeking the justice that you deserve.