Personal Injury Case: What to Expect

A lot of times, people who have legitimate personal injury claims will not file a suit simply because they are afraid of the trial process or don’t know what to expect. While the process can be a bit arduous, you definitely shouldn’t let fear or anxiety over it hold you back from filing a personal injury suit when one is warranted! Furthermore, keep in mind that educating yourself about the process and what to expect can make the whole thing seem a lot less daunting.

First Things First, Find a Lawyer

The first step in making a personal injury case happen is to find a qualified lawyer who is familiar with these types of cases. This professional can get the ball rolling on everything from notifying the accused/responsible person to filing motions and trying to negotiate a settlement when applicable.

If a settlement cannot be reached, then things will typically progress to an actual trial.

Jury Selection

In cases where an actual trial is necessary, the first step is jury selection. Your legal representative will attempt to choose a jury that is fair and unbiased in any way that could hurt the case. Good personal injury lawyers are skilled at picking just the right jury to increase the chances of a successful outcome.

The Case Itself

After a jury is selected, the actual trial can begin. Typically, the trial will start with opening statements from both legal teams, followed by presentation of any evidence that exists and testimonies from various witnesses. Your lawyer should help to build up both evidence and witnesses where applicable to make your case as strong as possible.

The final thing that will happen in the case is, of course, the closing statements and the verdict. As you can see, it can be a bit of a long process, but it’s definitely worth it if it means getting justice for your personal injury! Remember, too, that the right lawyer can make all the difference, so if you decide to go ahead with a case, make sure you choose carefully! As long as you can do that, you’ll have a very good chance of a positive outcome.