62nd Annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show

Now that the Barrett-Jackson and TPC have come and gone, Arizona residents have a new activity to look forward to—the 62nd Annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. Starting on February 16th and lasting for ten days, the show will feature professional riders and immaculately trained horses. Riding styles vary from English to Western in addition to the always-popular Arabian Costume Night held in the Equidome. 

The show not only features riders in front of panels of judges, but it also holds daily family activities from meeting an Arabian horse to barn tours. While fun and informative, it is important to follow basic rules in order to ensure safety. Proper behavior for visitors at shows include: 

Always asking the handler before touching a horse. Horses of all ages and sizes will be at the show. Younger horses may be at their first show, therefore on high alert. Always ask a trainer, owner or handler before approaching a horse.

Never try to spook a horse. In recent years, a ban has been placed on tactics previously employed to raise a horse’s energy level. Out of respect and in accordance with this rule, remain quiet when viewing inside or outside the arenas. 

Do not let children run around the park. WestWorld is massive, which allows it to accommodate so many large horses. The size and ongoing excitement may tempt children to run around the space, but in addition to horses, golf carts tend to speed down the pathways. Accidents involving a horse or golf cart are both equally dangerous for children and adults. 

Do not stick your fingers through the bars of a stall door—they are in place for a reason. Did you know that fingers have a similar density and shape to carrots? You may be able to tell the difference, but a nippy horse may not be able to. Barn tours will take you around the park and into many private barns. Some feature bars on the stalls while others don’t. Never stick your hands in between the bars and always ask before touching a horse inside of an open-air stall or mare motel. 

Do not feed the horses. Horses (especially show horses) follow a strict diet. Like humans, horses can have allergies towards certain foods. Do not feed a horse, unless the owner or handler personally gives you a treat to feed his or her horse. 

The Scottsdale Arabian Horse show is a wonderful experience for horse lovers. A schedule of events can be found on the official website which includes activities including barn tours, meet an Arabian horse, and trainer demonstrations. Just be sure to follow basic safety rules while inside WestWorld.

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