About Medical Malpractice Cases


Filing a lawsuit, especially for a medical malpractice case, can be very tricky and difficult without the proper professional legal guidance. For this reason, unless you are some kind of legal expert yourself, it is not advisable to file a lawsuit on your own.

When Money is an Issue…

Filing a lawsuit on your own is known as filing “pro se.”  People will often resort to this option if they cannot afford a lawyer or if they think they cannot afford a lawyer. However, no matter what your financial situation, you should always try and find a lawyer. Many will work out a payment plan for you or accept payment after your case is won. No matter how dire your financial situation may seem, don’t just assume you can’t afford legal help. You really need it, and it is possible to find a lawyer who will work with you.

When You Think You Can Handle it On Your Own…

Other times, it’s not money that causes people not to file a lawsuit. Instead, it’s the fact that they think they can handle it themselves. After all, they think, how hard can it be? Typically, they find out very quickly that filing a lawsuit is hard and that they could benefit immensely from some real help. Unfortunately, by then, it is often too late.

Make the Smart Choice

A medical malpractice lawsuit is a tricky thing to file properly…and an even trickier thing to win, especially without professional help. Most of these cases require the use of expert witnesses,  and some require a certificate of merit to be filed alongside the case to help give it validity.

In short, there are typically a lot of steps and a lot of “hoops” to jump through when it comes to filing a medical malpractice suit. To make sure you file your suit correctly and that your case has a good chance of turning out the way you won’t, don’t cut corners or try to do it all on your own. Do the smart thing, and seek legal counsel from a lawyer experienced in these types of cases.