Slow Your Roll in Arizona

We’ve all seen them on valley freeways. The car in your rear view mirror approaching fast and driving erratically while wigging and wagging out of traffic.  Far too many fatal crashes in Arizona have resulted from this type of aggressive driving. 

When we get behind the wheel, we trust that other drivers will respect the rules of the road. Put another way, when we get a driver’s license, we enter into a contract with other drivers that we’re going to obey the traffic safety laws. If someone doesn’t obey the traffic laws and causes damage to another driver, then they should be held responsible for the damage they caused.

Arizona and ten other states have passed specific laws targeting aggressive driving. ARS Sec. 28-693 hold these drivers responsible by defining aggressive driving as speeding and at least two of the following: following too closely, passing on the right out of regular lanes of traffic (shoulder), unsafe lane change, failure to yield right of way, and is an immediate hazard to another person or vehicle.  

Crash data  out of the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety shows that 888 people died on Arizona’s roads and highways in 2015. Excessive speed was the number one cause of Arizona’s fatal car accidents last year. Furthermore, unsafe lane-changes, failure to yield, and not staying in the proper lane resulted in 423 deaths.


Nearly 8,000 distracted drivers were involved in crashes on Arizona roadways, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation. However, the number of drivers that were involved in a crash while distracted but didn’t report it to the officer at the accident scene could be drastically higher. While we used to call it texting while driving, the smartphone allows us to communicate and navigate the internet from anywhere we get a cell signal, including streets and highways.

Here are some common forms of distracted driving that have causes auto wrecks:

•    Communicating with others via Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Kik, Text, and email

•    Applying makeup and grooming

•    Reading, including maps on smartphones and GPS systems

•    Watching clips and videos

•    Talking to passengers in vehicle or others on your cell phone


The attorneys at DaultLaw have many years of experience handling injury and car accident cases such as motorcycle accidents, bus and semi-truck accidents, and bicycle/pedestrian accidents. It can be stressful and difficult to deal with health issues and injuries caused by another driver that was not obeying the traffic safety rules that protect all of us. Arizona has passed laws that hand out stiff penalties to drivers that cause auto accidents  due to DUI and aggressive driving. With the help and assistance of an expert personal injury lawyer who is well versed in the Arizona insurance and accident laws, you can help ensure the other party is held responsible for the damage they caused you. 

You’ll appreciate the experienced personal injury attorneys at DaultLaw PLLC. Our office will investigate the specifics of your case and crash. Information is key so the more you can provide, the better. This means specific facts of the crash, any witness information including statements, all medical bills and records, and the specifics of your injuries including permanency and future medical expenses. The personal injury attorneys at DaultLaw PLLC will build your case based on your specifics to ensure a fine outcome at settlement or trial verdict.