Arizona Among the Lowest States in Worker’s Compensation Benefits

$16,701. That’s how much your big toe is worth in Arizona if you permanently injure it while on the job, according to ProPublica.

ProPublica is a non-profit database that provides the average maximum amount of worker’s compensation one can receive for an injury to different body parts across the country.

Worker’s compensation is a benefit paid to employees who have suffered an injury while on the job. Congress has allowed each state to determine its own benefits with no federal minimums. So basically workers who perform the same job duties but live in different states can have entirely different worker’s compensation outcomes for the identical injuries. The States that averaged the highest worker’s compensation payouts were Oregon, Nevada, and Kentucky.

The database reveals that Arizona’s worker’s compensation values or payouts fall well short of other states for almost every body part. Most Arizona worker’s compensation claims were filed by Phoenix worker’s comp attorneys in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Here are some interesting statistics for Arizona worker’s comp payouts for injuries to various body parts compared to the national average. 

Injury to Eye: Arizona: $71,574 compared to the National Average of $96,700

Injury to Hand: Arizona: $119,290 compared to the National Average of $144,930

Injury to Arm: Arizona: $143,148 compared to the National Average of $169,878

Injury to Leg: Arizona: $119,290 compared to the National Average: $153,221


Sources: ProPublica, Cronkite News