Our Arizona Medical Malpractice Attorneys Do Not Tolerate Violations of Medical Safety Rules - No Excuses

Dault Law is distinguished as being excellent Arizona medical malpractice attorneys to individuals and families throughout the state. To our neighbors in Phoenix, Tucson and Chandler, you have the right to demand proper medical care in Arizona and nationwide.  Facts have been released that over 98,000 people die each year from preventable medical negligence. Many others suffer injuries that can be life altering, permanent, and severe.  

Regardless of whether the case involves a misdiagnosis,failure to diagnose, or a violation of a doctor/patient safety rule, Dault Law will evaluate the case to your complete satisfaction. We're trained to recognize potential system failures in hospitals as well violations of safety rules that medical treaters have or should have in place that keep us all safe. We'll all need medical care at some point in our lives and medical safety rules need to be enforced. We will work meticulously with the insurance companies and all involved parties to resolve your case. Our Arizona medical malpractice lawyers are celebrated for being highly tactical and skilled, and our legal methods are acknowledged for producing excellent results.

What’s more, we offer a no-nonsense, no-obligation, FREE case evaluation to our potential clients! For more information on how we can assist you on your potential medical malpractice claim, contact Dault Law today.